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As far as we know, the main reason for any valuable customer from different part of the world is looking for some best-cheapest products from the manufacturing center---China. Those who only care about price but ignore even the very basic reasonable quality may not have the interest in JINDASHUANGPENG, because we insist to do business in a honest, reliable and reasonable way. It means that we should never be able to be win the simple price competition with those so-called flexible yet unregulated factories or traders, but we believe there are also enough reasons for you to consider cooperating with us, because we can offer you the following key points, which are very critical for international business:

1,Deal with big company:

Endorsed by the Government as a state-own company, we have 3 most biggest aluminum factories located in Shandong province, specialist in aluminum extrusion, window and door,etc,with annual capacity of 250 thousand Tons. Continuous investment in both facilities and R&D support us to be strong and powerful in the market with best quality-price combination.

2,Deal with good company

To be big is not everything, to be famous is also not the whole story, only to be really good can support your long term business in a foreign country, which you mostly rely on the phone or computer to communicate with.